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In its latest manufacturing partnership, Vir announces that it will work with Samsung Biologics for large-scale production. Since the seriousness of the outbreak became apparent, Vir has signed a number of partnerships looking at progressing its lead candidates against COVID-19, which extended to a deal with Samsung Biologics for the large-scale manufacture of VIR-7831 and VIR-7832.

The deal sees Samsung Biologics expected to begin the first engineering run of the monoclonal antibodies by October, before commercial batches are readied at the beginning of 2021. At the estimation of the initial part of the agreement, the deal will be worth $362m to Samsung Biologics.

During this announcement, it was stated that GSK would invest $250m into Vir, as well as working to speed-up the development of the potential treatments against COVID-19. Prior to this, Vir had also announced two partnerships to ensure the company had the production capacity secured should either treatment prove successful in clinical trials and therefore need to meet global demand.

Initially, Vir signed a development and commercialization agreement​ with WuXi Biologics, which would see the latter contract development and manufacturing organization be responsible for cell-line development, process and formulation development, and clinical manufacture.

(Source: Biopharma Reporter)