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The recent mysterious viral pneumonia from Wu Han, China has transmitted to countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. This is situation is closely monitored to prevent a global outbreak.   

Current updates of the viral disease as according to ProMed are listed below:

Wuhan, China  

In Wuhan, China during the second half of December, there were a total of 59 patients that were reported to be diagnosed with pneumonia.

Out of the 59 that were reported, at least 7 are critically endangered while the rest are observed further and followed up by medical institutions. So far, no deaths have occurred.

The Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee will be conducting intensive investigations throughout the city and testings for respiratory pathogens, to understand the cause of disease.

Hong Kong  

In Hong Kong, 9 were reported to be suspected of the virus due to their recent travel history to Wuhan. 4 out of 9 were diagnosed with the virus and are now currently being treated and isolated in medical institutions. While the rest awaits for their results.

The Hong Kong government implemented three tiers of responses to ensure that the diseases are under control.

Doctors are to constantly report and update the specific cases to monitor the disease.   


In Singapore, a 3-year-old girl was reported to be diagnosed with pneumonia, linking her to the virus in Wuhan due to her travel history to Wuhan as well.

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, she is currently being treated and observed in isolation to ensure that the virus does not spread to more people.

Singapore started implementations of temperature screening for airlines that serves Wuhan to Singapore, to ensure that the disease is under control.   

Neighboring country, Vietnam are also closely monitoring the situation to prevent the possible escalation of the disease.

(Source: CEPI, 2020) 

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